Start with a Buck - Expert Bookkeeping starting at $1.00/month


What is One Dollar Bookkeeping?

Before I discovered bookkeeping as my life's career choice, I was faced with the same situation as you. I owned a successful mortgage brokerage and I was doing the books myself though I didn't do them correctly compared to what I now know. When initially looking at hiring a bookkeeper, I couldn't make the connection between the high cost and the seemingly low value. Now I can see that I simply wasn't quite ready to go from no bookkeeper to having one.

Over the past 5 years, I've continually seen entrepreneurs go through this period and realized there is a need for an intermediary step where a business owner can greatly benefit from having some professional bookkeeping help, but when their business isn't quite ready to hire a pro even part-time. That's how this program came to be.

How does it work?

What of value to your business can you really get for a dollar these days? While you won't get much from other vendors, at Sound Bookkeepers, we understand that if we do a great job and our service is affordable, we will probably be a permanent part of the life of the business. We hope you will continue to grow with us and will eventually reach the success marker where you can afford our more customized services, but for now, we will do what we can to help you through.

At this entry level, you'll receive the following:

  • 1 seat at our bi weekly live and recorded online meeting where we cover basic bookkeeping, tax filing, and take live chat, phone calls, emails, from the audience and keep you on track with your bookkeeping responsibilities.
  • Access to our FAQ database of transaction management and Quickbooks tasks our clients encounter
  • Quarterly tax guides both broadcast and email which clearly explain your responsibilities
  • Sample chart of accounts to simplify your tax filing and estimated tax payment calculations
  • Tax calculation spreadsheets and free digital downloads of our most popular reports
  • Discounts on annual 1099 form filing for you contractors
  • Discounts coupons to upgrade your services with Sound Bookkeepers, or add a la carte services
  • Discounts on our employee time tracking software

We love talking to business owners and making a difference. That's one reason why for 4 years in a row, Sound Bookkeepers has been awarded the "Best Bookkeeping Business of Shoreline" by an independent award agency. You can sign up for this program with the link below. Or, if you think you need more than what Start with a Buck offers, please feel free to call anytime.
There's no cost for the initial call or first meeting and you can set it up online or call right now and see why our clients and accountants across Puget Sound recognize us as the premiere bookkeeping service in the Northwest.