Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive.
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1Can I trust you?
Sound Bookkeepers has over four decades of combined tax and finance experience. We are insured, licensed, and only work with US workers. We were awarded the Better Business Bureau 2021 Torch Award for Ethics and are members of the Shoreline and Lynnwood Chamber of Commerce. To hear testimonials from our clients, click here.
2What happens during the free initial call?
Specific questions have to be asked to properly evaluate the bookkeeping needs of a business. On the initial call, one of our consultants will ask you questions specific to your particular business and we'll take detailed notes to be sure we can translate our conversation into a written task list to be performed throughout the year, which we call your bookkeeping plan.
This plan also identifies any initial setup projects which need to be done and outlines the fees associated with setup and recurring service.
3My books are a mess and I'm very busy, how can you help?
Being busy in business means it's working, and most owners need to focus predominately on sales and operations.
Our clients report that once they start using our service, their business metrics increase because they are able to focus on those higher priority items.
We are flexible with our scheduling and offer multiple ways to communicate. We can talk to you by phone, text, email, zoom, and in-person if necessary, patiently working with you on the information we need regardless if it's in a box, folder, stored digitally, or is in your head.
We get books cleaned up according to the IRS standard. Using flowcharts, checklists, and recorded procedures, we are exceptionally good at figuring things out and keeping your books current so you can make informed decisions. Call now or schedule a call and you'll see how easy it can be to get relief in this area.
4Do you know about my particular business?
We have experience working with hundreds of different types of businesses, but even if we haven't worked in your specific business, we are experts at figuring things out.
From an accounting perspective, fundamentally, all businesses operate the same, money in, money out, savings. At the end of the tax cycle, the numbers have to be reported to the DOR and IRS using specific rules and forumlas.

What we need to focus on is determining what information we need, and what tasks need to be done, using what formula. This is what we figure out during the initial call.
5Can I afford your service?
We price our services to include everyone. Some clients only need one hour per year. Our goal is to offer our services at a low enough price that any business can afford to have a pro at some level. This is why we offer as little as one hour for pay-as-you-go, and our recurring service starts at just $109/month. We want to help you grow, to be happier and more relaxed, and to have the confidence knowing your books are correct.
6What education and/or training do you have?
Sound Bookkeepers has a great story. Our CEO has worked in tax and finance since 1998 and has been involved in dozens of startups. He was the owner of a Trusted Home Mortgage until the market collapsed and he lost everything in 2008.
He started looking for a way to use his financial knowledge and expertise. After realizing his Mom and Grandmother were both bookkeepers, he decided to keep it going as a 3rd generation bookkeeper, Sound Bookkeepers was started in 2014 with the mission of offering high quality bookkeeping services for as little as 1 hour to serve the needs of the smaller businesses who were being mostly ignored by top accounting professionals.
Our staff of accountants is carefully chosen for their ability to contribute to our mission of providing high-quality, affordable bookkeeping services. Your bookkeeping is reviewed by at least 3 different people, all who are specifically trained to produce clean, current financials which will satisfy the inquiries of most financial auditors.
7What types of customers have you worked with?
Over the years, we have worked with a large variety of businesses, literally thousands. We work with solo entrepreneurs, partnerships, corporations, non-profits, trusts and inside of that, there are simply too many individual business types to list. We also work closely with referral partners like attorneys, business brokers, accountants, loan officers, bankers, or anyone else who deals with a lot of financial paperwork related to clients.
If you are willing to speak to one of our consultants, you'll quickly discover how our experience translates directly to your situation.
8What happens if I need to cancel my service with you?
This does happen, and we want to make the transition good for everyone. If someone who we have been doing the books for needs to move to a new provider, we help the transition go well by providing any relevant information to the new provider. Most of our clients are on a 12 month contract but we do offer a 2 month buyout if things need to be cut short.
9I know how to do this, why do I need Sound Bookkeepers?
I know how to paint my house, but I also know I don't want to do it. Entrepreneurs know it's hard to be successful in business without someone being accountable for the financial health of their business. Even when someone has the knowledge, rarely is it cost effective for an owner to spend their time balancing the books. Bookkeeping is mostly about looking in the past while entrepreneurs need to be looking ahead to be successful. The average bookkeeper is not a Chief Finance Officer, they are record keepers. We are more than bookkeepers, because we recognize that you need someone who can keep the books straight for a low price, but who can also think like a CFO since most small businesses don't have one.
10Do you handle bill pay and invoicing?
Yes, we handle both A/P and A/R and we check with you at each step so nothing goes out without your approval. This means we can enter bills to be paid, cut checks, send wires, send out invoices to customers, match payments to invoices, re-bill unpaid invoices, and provide reporting. We usually do this twice a month but we can offer this as a weekly service if necessary.

There's no cost for the initial call or first meeting, so you risk nothing by calling or scheduling a free phone consultation.