Our process

First we have a conversation to determine exactly what your business needs and provide you a written bookkeeping plan. Our service begins with a signed agreement and a flat fee for the initial setup and/or clean-up period. The setup fee depends upon complexity of your situation, the condition of your existing books, and whether there are past months or years needing to be brought into integrity.


Once we've determined the specific list of tasks you need done and the pricing, we'll send you the official version of the client agreement via DocuSign. Once signed, we'll process the payment for your setup fee and then we'll send you an email containing a link to schedule the setup meeting. This can be done by Zoom or in-person.


During your setup call, we'll confirm with you the lookback and clean up periods, the list of task we are going to be responsible for, and we'll note any specific instructions. We'll also work together to access your banking and accounting records so that we can bring your file up to date. After this, we take between 2 and 4 weeks on average to bring your file current.

Recurring Service

We will keep your books up to date as outlined in your client agreement. You will receive automated reminders from our system to let you know about recurring items we need from you. You'll have access to our client portal where you can upload items for us or have conversations about specific bookkeeping things. During tax time, we'll inform you of returns we are preparing to file and what you will owe and when. After year end, we'll work with you and your tax preparer to ensure your financials are ready to go.

Solo Business - $299/month Annual DOR

Our entry level quarterly service is for solo entrepreneurs with sales up to $10,000/month and Includes:

  • Managing 2 accounts with up to 100 transactions monthly*
  • 0 employees
  • Quarterly bookkeeping with Annual review
  • Annual Dept. of Revenue Combined Excise Tax Return
  • Year end tax prep and delivery of financials
  • Filing up to 3 1099's
If our solo business service seems like more than you need right now, you might be interested in either our quarterly or pay as you go service which you can access from our menu->Purchase hours

Basic Business - $399/month Quarterly DOR

Our 2nd tier quarterly service is for entrepreneurs with sales up to $25,000/month and Includes:

  • Managing 4 accounts with up to 150 transactions monthly*
  • Quarterly bookkeeping with Annual review
  • Quarterly Dept. of Revenue Combined Excise Tax Return
  • 1 Quarterly city tax filing
  • Financials delivered to your tax preparer
  • Filing up to 5 1099's

Business Plus - $499/month Monthly DOR

For established business with sales up to $50,000/month Includes:

  • Managing 6 accounts with up to 250 transactions monthly*
  • Monthly bookkeeping with Quarterly review
  • Monthly Dept. of Revenue Combined Excise Tax Return
  • 2 Quarterly city tax filing
  • Financials delivered to your tax preparer
  • Payroll data entry and filing up to 10 1099's

Full Service starting at $650/month

For those with more complex bookkeeping needs, who regularly must communicate bookkeeping or accounting info. Our full service bookkeeping starts at $650/month. Depending on the services you need, your monthly subscription could be higher. We will talk to you during your set up meeting to be sure you get all the services you need at a price you can afford. Here is a partial list of services available to our full service clients:

  • Monthly or weekly phone calls
  • Managing more than 6 accounts with up to 350 transactions monthly*
  • Managing amortization on loans & credit lines
  • Customer invoicing and/or vendor bill payments
  • Working with your POS, CRM, or other company software
  • Job Costing and Customized Reporting
  • Bank deposit preparation and more

Specific service matrix
Type Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Minimum pricing 299 $499 $699 $1,000 $1,500 $2,500
Response time to inquiries
The time between when you contact us and when we reply
3 day 1 day 1 day Same day Same day Same day
Time to address a request
How long before we take care of something you've asked us to fix.
30 days 14 days 10 days 7 days 3 days 1-2 days
Single Point of Contact
you will have a dedicated bookkeeper at Sound Bookkeepers
# of monthly support calls
(after setup is completed)
1 2 3 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Email support Y Y Y Y Y Y
Portal support Y Y Y Y Y Y
File Review Frequency
How frequently we'll do a complete file review to catch any oversights
Quarterly Quarterly Monthly Monthly Twice a month Weekly
By what date will your financials be ready each month 20th 20th 20th 15th 15th 15th
*An account includes bank accounts, credit cards, and revolving lines of credit. Pricing shown is for a 12 month agreement. 6 month terms and month to month are available for an additional fee.

**Examples of financial transactions include: Debit and credit charges, checks, deposits, customer payments, transfers, and transaction splits.

Individual and Pay-as-you-go services

To purchase bookkeeping time for these services, please schedule them with this link. :

  • One-on-one bookkeeping virtual or in-person
  • Year end tax prep
  • Estimated self employment tax
  • Preparing loan applications
  • Past due tax return inquiries
  • Preparing past year financials
  • Negotiating with the DOR
  • Onsite accounting clerks
  • Audit preparation and more
Additionally, we offer several programs for helping entrepreneurs succeed financially including:
  • KPI (key performance indicator) tracking
  • Monthly self-employment tax calculations
  • Personal finance budgeting
  • Annual equipment depreciation studies
  • Lawyer IOLTA account management
  • Organizing financials for loan applications
  • Billing, invoicing, and tips collection issues
  • Mergers and Acquisitions prep
  • Sales Tax Tracking and more
If it concerns your business's financials, it's likely something we can either assist directly with, or provide a trusted resource who can.


Additional services


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